The Darwin Conspiracy

Welcome to the Home Page of The Darwin Conspiracy, which was published in May by Golden Square Books.

The Darwin Conspiracy – Origins of a Scientific Crime unravels a 150-year-old mystery – namely how did Charles Darwin get the credit for the Theory of Evolution when it belonged to someone else Lincoln escort and why have academics ignored all the documentary evidence that suggests Darwin perpetrated one of the greatest crimes in the history of science?

CHARLES DARWIN has been hailed as the greatest scientist of the 19th century for his discovery of the secrets of evolution. Today the impact of his work is still felt throughout the world.

But did Darwin really come up with the idea of evolution himself or did he take it from a young researcher trying to impress him Bristol escorts?

The Darwin Conspiracy examines how Darwin struggled for years in scientific dead-ends until he was presented with the solution to the greatest scientific puzzle of his day by a naïve naturalist collecting beetles in a tropical jungle.

So began the conspiracy by which eminent scientists promoted the ideas of Darwin ahead of those of Alfred Russel Wallace in order to achieve ever-lasting fame for their greatest friend escorts in Cambridge.

Using extensive research about contemporary shipping time tables and Darwin’s own correspondence, the author challenges the commonly-held belief that Darwin scored a scientific breakthrough Derby escorts when in reality he used another man’s insights for his own benefit, and committed one of the greatest scientific crimes in history.

The Darwin Conspiracy is a true story about deceit and deception and stands as an outstanding metaphor for the idea of survival of the fittest.